Frank Meyburgh has been at the core of the Broadcast Facilities Industry in South Africa since 1989.

After returning to South Africa after over ten years in exile in 1989, he spotted a gap in the independent facilities market, and Magus Vision was formed. Realising a boom in the industry was imminent, Frank has assisted many companies to start – always maintaining that there is plenty of work for everyone. Magus was sold to Newsforce in 1997 and then to Visual Impact, as it remains today.

In 2002, Frank started Digitalfilm, and a new era was born. Technically, the industry had developed, and owner operators with students became the mainstream. Religious Broadcasters, Training Schools and Corporate Communications were now leading the way, and the cost of equipment had reduced substantially, allowing young filmmakers a chance to bring their visual ideas into mainstream reality. Digitalfilm was sold to Media Film Service in August 2013, becoming Digitalfilm Service.

October 2014 heralded the return of Frank into the facilities market, but with a new focus. Sales, Archiving and Rentals. The Magic Lightbox still works from the same ethic as incorporated in Magus back in 1989 – today’s runner is tomorrow’s producer – and everyone has an integral and equal part to play in the ongoing success of our industry. South Africa has the second oldest Film Industry in the world, and with eleven official languages, there are no limits to communicating with each other in new and exciting vibrant ways.


In training we offer a maximum of three to one ratio, so that the trainees can get the best experience in utilising the equipment. The duration is dependent on the type of equipment, software and abilities of the trainee. Each training session is quoted on an individual basis. If additional training is required, for example; on an Edit Suite, we source the best possible professional to supply that training.


European Union Technical Excellence Award

Sony XDCAM Award

for introducing the XDCAM to the market

TV Times Special Award (UK)

Frank Meyburgh

Sam Guillaume

Bernard van Rensburg
Facilities Co-Ordinator

Kevin Vosloo

Zettie Khumalo
Rentals Assistant

Sir Barnaby
Estate Manager

Williow Meyburgh