Insurance can be a daunting prospect…do you or don’t you, are you or aren’t you…if you’ve hired equipment, you’re insured, right? WRONG!

Most facilities company charge an insurance or rental fee. This does not mean that in the event of a claim you are covered. Insurers have many exclusions, and you, the producer may end up with a hefty replacement bill and having to pay the hire company loss of earnings.

Our insurance works like this;
We have insurance cover on our equipment. You, the client/producer/user are liable for the EXCESS payment per item per claim. You are NOT covered if our insurers decline to settle due to an exclusion. There are several exclusions normally listed by Insurers. This is the most misunderstood:

1. Equipment being stolen whilst left unattended – Unattended means just that. Unattended! Whether you or a member of your crew, (or even cast, after all most actors what to be directors) leave any of the equipment in the boot of your car, in the production vehicle while you all have lunch or even in an aircraft baggage cabin – if it is unattended it is NOT covered and you will have to replace what ever is lost or stolen. If you leave any of the equipment in your home or hotel, unattended, it is NOT covered unless forcible entry can be proven.

We strongly urge you to get Equipment Insurance as part of your Production Insurance Package- the cost is minimal, and you can relax a little…

For more information, please read through our Insurance section on our Terms and Conditions page. We do have a fantastic insurance company we can recommend – just ask a member of our team for their info.