2Star Bi-Colour LED

The 2Star light is a powerful bi-color LED light panel; you get ~2800lx at full daylight, with no hotspots, no multiple shadows, all in a sturdy light that’s perfect for in-studio shoots or full-scale location productions. It’s perfect for shooting both photo and video. You get full control over the brightness and color temperature, and you can run it on any household current or use a V-lock style battery.

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• Powerful softlight without the need for diffusion – without the traditional shortcomings (multiple shadows, uncomfortable intensity) of conventional LED panels.
• The Factor light is ready to go for both photo and video right out of the box – no extra diffusion or accessories to add. Attached barn doors to control and shape the light.
• Efficient and durable AC adapter design locks into V Lock battery sled for secure no-slip connection; V lock battery optional for totally wireless operation and longer run times
• Draws a maximum of 100 watts, so can connect to any household electrical circuit. Durable all-metal construction, ready for studio and location work.
• Rear LCD display of instrument’s brightness, color temperature, remaining battery level, and DMX channel information